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Stone Island is a prestigious Italian brand of men's clothing, footwear and accessories, which was founded in 1982 in Modena and today is part of the Sportswear Company of Karl Riveti. This brand is presented for the first time in Serbia exclusively at the Fashion Park in Indjija, in addition to prestigious fashion centres such as Rome, Milan, Florence, London, Paris, Los Angeles and other world centres. Stone Island is not just a brand, it represents a philosophy of life, multiculturalism, constant experimentation and the creation of new materials and colours. To date, more than 60,000 different colours and shades have been produced at Stone Island Labs through persistent work and by following new and innovative technology. The collections represent unique fashion projects that are inspired by military and work uniforms, tailored to the needs of every man. At our boutique in Fashion Park, you may enjoy a rich selection of the brand’s collections for men and youth, at discounted prices. Thank you for your trust.

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